Posts made in August, 2008

Rachel’s new calling

We met with the bishop and second counselor today before church. Rachel was released from her calling as the second counselor in the primary presidency. This was something that she requested because lately Gehrig has been struggling and not wanting – actually refusing to go to nursery. She felt it would be appropriate to spend more time with him and help him as he is needing a lot of attention right now. Brother Nope (the second counselor)...

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Family Picnic

My parents came out to visit Alex and her new baby last night. So since they were out here we had a picnic at the Bountiful Park. It’s always fun to see family. As we were talking about how long we have been married it is just hard to believe we have all been married as long as we have. Time is just rolling on.

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Kind Neighbors and Tomatoes

This afternoon just after we finished eating dinner we got a knock at the door. It was our next door neighbor. We don’t talk much. He didn’t say much either, he just handed me a small paper bag filled with tomatoes and said, “Enjoy!” then turned and walked back home. We have been enjoying tomatoes lately. That wasn’t the first time they have given them to us. Rachel’s grandparents have also given us lots of...

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Welcome Baby London

Alex (my little sister) had her baby – London Florence Gregory – early this morning. It was a C-section delivery. They baby was just not going down the canal. 8lbs 1 ounce. 22 inches long. Baby London wins the award for the most hair on a newborn for our whole family. Seriously, she has more hair than Nolan and he’s going to be a year old in 2 weeks. We went to visit them and take Alex some flowers. I highly recommend taking...

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Sharing the Gospel

I had ward council meeting tonight. It was nice as most of our discussion focused on how we can improve missionary work in our ward. I love missionary work. In the course of our meeting I brought up a question as to how to continue to share the gospel with someone whom I have previously tried on a few occasions and had less than fruitful experiences. I ask this because I still feel that my friend needs the gospel in his life. My friend is a good...

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