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Where to Live Next?

There was a returned missionary that spoke today in church. He was a great kid and I’m sure a great missionary. Rachel commented during his talk though that his talk focus about him and how much his mission helped in. She contrasted it to my cousin, Kevin, who we listened to speak in Roosevelt a few weeks ago. He went to the temple and prayed about what he should talk on and he delivered an excellent talk and taught the congregation. I...

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Help From Ken

I had a long list of things to get done today since we have decided to sell out home. Rachel had to go in to the cottage and work this morning. I was surprised and delighted when Ken showed up this morning to help me out. He has always been great to help me out with my projects. He helped me load the trailer with a pile of cardboard boxes and other garbage to take to the top, then he took Gracie with him to Home Depot to get a board to fix our...

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Hiring a Painter

I was up until 1:00 AM last night caulking baseboards upstairs. Rachel spent the evening painting what had been caulked already. This morning she woke up and said she was too exhausted to continue. It’s been hard for me because of my herniated disc. I’ve been in a lot of pain. We decided to hire a painter. We paid a painter nearly $3000 in May to paint rooms downstairs. We called the same guy. He’s going to finish painting...

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Everything is My Fault (In a Positive Way)

I felt a lot happier today at work. Chatting with Dan yesterday changed my attitude. It gave me confidence. I also read a good blog post this morning title “Everything is my fault”. The gist of it is that you should take responsibility for EVERYTHING. Because in some way you can have an effect on every situation you find unpleasant in your life. I wasn’t taking enough responsibility for the stats project at work. I need to own...

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Chat with Dan

On my way to work this morning I wrote a letter to Dan. I had no intention of giving the letter to Dan, but I wanted to get all my thoughts and feelings out. By the time I got to work I decided to set up a meeting with him. Luckily his afternoon was open and I spent an hour and a half chatting with him. I’m glad I did. Dan has a way of calling me out and chastising me in a way that motivates and inspires me to do better. Joel has a way of...

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