Posts made in September, 2008

Growing Families

Lance and Kelli stopped by our house today to show off their new baby boy and to say thank you for watching Alyssa while they were in the hospital all day. They also invited us to go out to dinner with them Friday night. Rachel wasn’t feeling well today so I took her place and walked to the school to pick up Gracie as she came out. It was fun just walking home with her. I can’t believe how big she is getting.

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Interesting Events

Today was a very interesting day. John (my co-worker) accepted another job offer and gave his two weeks notice. He was the one that talked me down from the ledge when I was looking at other jobs. Apparently it was so he could jump first. In any case. I was supposed to be paid last Friday, but I didn’t get my direct deposit until some time after 5 o’clock today. It was frustrating me so I sent Scott, our company president and owner an...

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I Am a Child of God

Often when we are driving in the car, we sing primary songs together. We were singing songs on the way home from Alpine tonight. Rachel and I were tired, so we told the kids “one more song” then we were done. After we sang that song, Gracie asked if she and Gehrig could just keep singing. Gracie started to sing “I Am a Child of God”. Gehrig chimed in with here. It was so sweet to hear them sing that song together.

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Mini Me

We bout a bunch of flowers and bushes for our yard this morning so we spent the day working in the yard. While I was digging a hold for one of the plants, I ran into a bunch of cement. I got out the pick axe and went to work on it. Gehrig was watching me chip away at it. I kept stopping to rest and I would say, “this is hard work!” Then I hit my leg with the handle of and said “ouch!” Gehrig asked what hurt and I said I...

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Friend Night

We had a “party” of sorts with Rachel’s friends. I say Rachel’s friends because they were her friends growing up and in high school. But over the years I have gotten to know them well and they are “our friends.” I’m glad that they keep in touch and its fun now that they are also having kids so our kids get together as well on these friend nights.

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September 2008