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Nice Hike

I went for a hike this afternoon during my lunch hour. I was having some internet connectivity problems so I decided to go farther than I have been before. It was much hotter than I was used to. I hiked to a really cool waterfall I heard about. It was pretty cool. Unfortunately about halfway down I rolled my ankle so it was slow going after that. I’m glad I went though. It was good exercise and beautiful views.

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Nolan Growing Up

Nolan is seems to surprise us all the time with his vocabulary and stringing words into sentences now. Unfortunately though he seems to have entered his terrible twos stage! He hits and screams a lot to get what he wants, or just to get attentions. Despite all that he still enjoys giving hugs. We were watching Star Wars tonight and since he finds no interest in TV he was wrestling with me and hugging me for attention all night. It was pretty...

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Family Reunion and Life Changes

We had the Brighton family reunion in Roosevelt over the weekend. We drove out Friday afternoon and arrived around 5:00 pm at the campground. The campground is basically a place back in the middle of some alfalfa fields that my grandma and grandpa Brighton cleared out and turned into a place where we have had the reunion for probably 12 years or more now. They put in a small bathroom, a pavilion, and a cement pad for basketball. The past 5 or 6...

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My First "Fan"

I got the following email today: Hi, I LOVE your site and i would like to volunteer to help with it. I have a CS degree and an Electrical Engineering degree and I’m currently working on my master’s in EE. I am a full time software developer currently but I like to work on other projects in my spare time. I am also a huge fan of Dave Ramsey. I am going to be leading FPU at my church this fall. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce...

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Saving Some Money

Today I called Comcast ready to cancel cable. Secretly I just wanted to get a reduced bill. It worked great. After just 4 minutes on the phone I was able to save $46 per month on my cable/internet bill! It was well worth the 4 minutes.

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