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I completed my CERT training today. It was uneventful really. During the mock disaster I was made the team leader over the medical unit. Basically I went around getting vicitim’s and information. I don’t know if what I did was “right” because I didn’t really get any feedback. Overall, I was pretty dissappointed with the training. I think I may take it again when in comes to Alpine in August. I did learn some stuff...

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Frustrated at Work

Near the end of my working day I was pretty frustrated. It was Friday and I still had not received my W2 and my paycheck was late again. I wanted to quit or get fired of something. I thought about writing an email to my boss, but I thought, “what’s the point”. It seems nothing ever gets fixed. I did call the IRS to let them know my W2 was a month late. After work I got a call from Neldon apologizing for paycheck mistakes. Later...

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Late Night Basketball

I went to play some church basketball tonight and only one other person showed up. Fortunately we had 3 guys to jump in and play with us so I got a good workout and had some fun playing ball.

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Ultimate Frisbee

The snow has pretty much melted in our yard, except for the places that never see sun. So I decided to go play some Ultimate Frisbee during lunch. I found a group that plays in American Fork. It was good to get out and run around. I certainly miss the group I played with for 7 years in Murray, but I’m sure with time I’ll get to know these guys and have a bit more fun.

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Getting Things Done

On Monday the first thing I did when I came downstairs is write out some goals on my white board that I wanted to accomplish this week. As I thought of things I wanted to get done, I was surprised at how many things there were! I ended up with 26 items on my list. Its no wonder I haven’t been able to focus very well. So far I have accomplished 15 of them, so I’m more than half done. It feels good to be getting things done –...

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February 2009