Posts made in June, 2011

Gehrig Learning Articles of Faith

I made CDs for the kids that has all the articles of faith songs on them. I gave them to Gracie & Gehrig on Monday. Tonight as Gehrig was laying in bed he was listening to and singing along with the songs. He told me he has them all memorized except for 10 & 11.

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Gracie’s Last Softball Game

Today we had two guys in our office that came from ByDesign to help resolve many of the issues I experience while writing the new signup process. It was nice to sit in meetings with them and feel important. Gracie’s last little league softball game was tonight. I think she had fun this year and improved a bit. We had fun watching the game tonight.

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Mowing the Lawn

Since moving to a bigger house with a 3/4 acre lot, mowing the lawn has been pretty time consuming. The first time I mowed was with our walk behind mower and it took me three hours. Ken has agreed to let us borrow his riding lawn mower because we still owe him money that we borrowed for a down payment on this house. We are borrowing Burts trailer to haul it back and forth. I just bought a hitch for our navigator today so at least we don’t...

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Reward at Work

My boss gave me a $100 gift card to Mimi’s cafe this morning. He just wanted to say thanks for the work I have been doing and wanted to know he notices and appreciates it. It was a nice thing to receive.

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We got our temple recommends renewed today after church. It is always nice to get that done and to do it together. When we got home I started making snickerdoodles. I didn’t get far before Rachel took over. It’s a good thing too because I had already messed up. We made a big batch the went for a walk as a family and delivered some to my home teaching families. Rachel also took some over to Cade since he had been hinting that he wante

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