A lot happened today. Rachel called around 10:30 this morning because the car battery was dead. I bought some jumper cables and tried to jump it but no luck. I tried with a battery charger and Laura’s (Rachel’s mom) car as well. So finally I had to take the battery out and take it Autozone. They charged it for an hour then tested it. It turned out to be a bad battery, so $100 later and some work under the midday hot sun and we were good to go. I think it was a good thing because Rachel had dental work and was stressed to the max and she was supposed to drive to Logan for a birthday party. She couldn’t go because it took me so long to get the car running.

We had another meeting with Scott today. It was a very productive meeting. We got a lot more questions answered and I’m beginning to feel that things may be successful again if we ride through this brief storm. Dan (my boss, the V.P.) told Scott that I had interviewed because I was thinking of moving to Utah County and didn’t want to commute. They had a conversation and discussed having us telecommute. Right now John and I are the only ones in our building. We are paying $2000 per month in rent, plus utilities. They could save all that money if we both started working from home. I think that will definitely happen. It allows me to keep this job without having to commute. It’s very win win. We discussed other things and it made me excited again to have this job. I think things are looking up and I can stop searching for new jobs.

After we got done with our meeting I got a phone call from Jim (the guy that sold the truck to me that was repossessed). He said he had the title and key in hand and could deliver it to me right now. That was quite a shock. So he signed the title over to me and now we have 3 vehicles. I will likely sell the truck now since the car I bought is registered and the truck is not. If I can sell it for what I bought it for we should have about $1800 after paying off the car loan in which we can use to put carpet in the bedrooms.