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Root Canal, Pictures, Ice Cream & Zip Line

What a busy day. I had an appointment with an endodontist at 11:30. I didn’t get out of his office until 1:30. It was a long visit. Basically I have a root canal that has to be done. There was infection in my jaw so I have to take antibiotics for a week and go back to finish the work in 2 weeks. We had family pictures tonight. It was difficult getting Nolan and Murphy to cooperate. We bribed Nolan with ice cream for his feeble attempt and...

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All Things Denote There Is a God

Every since I close friend told me he left the church because he didn’t think the Holy Ghost feelings were “real”, I’ve pondered over his many reasons for leaving and even going so far as to not believe in Jesus Christ or any scripture. Since then each day I see evidences in a God. I know he feels that perhaps I’m just seeing things I want to see and make me happy, but really I think all things denote there is a...

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Diabetes Pump Training

We went to a diabetes training class this afternoon with Gracie. It was basically all about using the pump. It seems to manage insulin much better as you can adjust it to a finer level. On the other had, you are attached to a device 24/7. I think Gracie will like the convenience of eating whenever she wants and being able to dial in her carbs rather than preparing a shot.

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Lazy Sunday

I went to bishopric & ward council meetings this morning. Rachel went to church with Gracie. I stayed home with all of the boys as they were feeling sick. Tonight after dinner we watched Spy Kids. Rachel wanted to see it. It was pretty funny I guess.

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Boondocks & Ward Party

We took the kids to Boondocks today to have some fun. We played a lot of arcade games. I set a high score of 75 on some basketball games previous high score on all the games was 56. Nolan rode with me on the go karts. We had a fun time. At 7 PM we had a ward party in the commons area. We had hot dogs & sloppy joes. I cooked all the hot dogs. We then watched a movie. It’s a tradition they do in this ward every year, but this if the...

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