Posts made in July, 2010

Pioneer Day

We went to the park this morning with the bucket of baseball and took turns hitting. We each had a turn before everyone was too hot and tired to stay in the sun. Nolan is the only one that LOVES being outside in the heat. I spent the past two days painting Gehrig’s old room. It started out as Gracie’s room, the we moved Gehrig in there, now we are going to make it the Nursury. Yesterday I painted the walls. Today I painted the...

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Quit Snirk

Yesterday I made the decision to stop working on Snirk. I have been totally burned out with that project. Now that my DIRECTV vs Dish Network site is making $3000 per month I don’t feel so motivated to work so hard on Snirk. I was willing to just walk away but I negotiated a buyout to get 10% of profits up to $6500. If it turns out they all make millions I might wonder what might have been, but as it stands, I wake up at 4 AM and I have...

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Hot Evening Walk

We ate dinner at home, but went to Ken & Laura’s tonight after dinner. Rachel made cinnamon rolls and orange rolls. We then took all the kids for a walk. Well, we walked while the older kids rode their scooters and Nolan & Brinley wrode their trikes. While riding past some sprinklers, Nolan reached out to touch them and fell over right on top of it. He was rolling around trying to get up, but he was stuck. I had to hurry and rescue...

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Sam’s Wedding

Today was Sam’s wedding. Just before the wedding, I was in the house when Laura’s friend, Flora stopped to talk with me. She told me Laura feels that "I’m the best thing that has happened to this family." She said how Laura tells her everything and how much she likes me. And she added, "And she’s a hard person to please." It was certainly good to hear. Laura is a quiet person and I know she would never...

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Goal of Not Yelling

Last night Rachel and I talked about treating our children better. I suggested that we set a goal of not yelling. We’ve had similar talks before and it seems that when we do the Lord likes to try our commitment. This evening Rachel went to the store to get a wedding gift for Sam. I was out mowing the lawn. Nolan went inside the house. When I went in to get him I found in covered in fingernail polish and it was all over our bathroom floor,...

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