Posts made in September, 2010

Delivering Thank You’s

After dinner tonight I took Gracie & Gehrig with me and we drove around the neighborhood returning dishes and dropping off thank you notes that Rachel had written. It was fun for the kids and I am grateful for all those who have helped us.

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Helping Hands

Today Sister Pickell invited Gehrig & Nolan over to her house to play with her boys who are roughly the same age. It was really a blessing to Rachel who was really tired and struggling with all the kids today. Rachel’s visiting teachers brought dinner over tonight. It was a good meal. It is nice to have nice neighbors and friends.

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Parents Visit

My parents drove out from Roosevelt this morning to visit. They took Gracie, Gehrig, & Nolan to Murray Park with them were they got to play games with cousins, aunts & uncles. They had a great time. It gave Rachel & I a chance to go to the store to buy gifts for Nolan’s birthday and just have some quiet time. Murphy is such a quiet baby I forget he is even here half the time.

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Murphy’s second day

This morning was pretty hectic trying to get Gracie ready for school and on time for the bus. I was running out the garage with the boys who had no shoes & socks on. Luckily one of the parents of another child who waits at the same bus stopped saw us and stopped in front of our house and gave Gracie a ride up to the bus stop. I spent the day with Rachel & Murphy again. Janet & Carrie came to visit briefly in the morning and my mom...

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Murphy’s Birth Day

It has been a while since I have written. It seems once you skip one day it is hard to get back into the habbit. But today, I feel too blessed not to write something. Today Murphy was born. He is #4. This whole pregnancy was different. Rachel and I were more relaxed. The pregnancy seemed to go by fast. We had a hard time deciding on his name (first it was Will, then Cal, the Murphy). We were much slower to get his nursury together. All in all,...

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