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What a Day

I worked from home today… sort of. I got an email from a co-worked that said: > hey, where were you today? The following is my reply: I was sick, just like I said I would be 🙂 Well, that is true, but only half of it. It’s been a day so I’ll share the whole story… When I got home yesterday I got a call from a neighbor asking me to help lift a heavy armoire up their stairs. When I got done my car wouldn’t start...

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Visiting Carrie & Gramps

Tonight after I got done home teaching, we went to Bert & Carrie’s house. John & Janet were there as well. The kids played outsite the whole time and just had a ball. They also fed us quite well as they generally do when we go visit. Janet is always very good to our kids.

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Father Son Time

I got home a bit late tonight. I was planning on leaving early to make it home for a basketball game, but I had a big issue come up at work that I needed to fix ASAP. When I got home Gehrig was ready to go to the basketball game. I felt bad that I missed it. He has been wanting to go again for quite some time, but all my games have been later in the evening. We wrestled quite a bit tonight and had a lot of fun. I read him a book before bed....

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Gehrig’s Birthday Party

Gehrig had a birthday party today. There was snow on the ground when we woke up this morning, but it had all pretty much melted except for the shady areas by the time his party started. He had a camping party. We set up a tent and had them go on a scavenger hunt. We then roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. Leslie made another cake for him. It wasn’t really a cake. It was a giant chocolate rice crispy structures resembling a camp ground. It was...

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Getting Things Done

Today was a busy day. The past 3 days I have been working on an event registration system at work. We built it quickly then we were told that user have to be able to edit their registration information. So that is what I have been working on. There is one minor bug in the system, but overall it is working and it has been pushed live. Now I can enjoy my day off tomorrow!

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