David Archuleta Singing a Hymn

This morning at church we had a pretty packed meeting. They opened the third overflow which I haven’t known them to do. It was our bishops son’s farewell. I guess he was pretty popular around here. He played basketball last year at SUU. During sacrament meeting Gehrig was drawing and Nolan bumped him. Gehrig started screaming hysterically at him. Rachel had already taken Gracie out to use the bathroom. so I had to drag Gehrig out while holding Nolan. I took him outside to talk to him. When I finally got him calmed down we went back in to sit down. I could hear singing and it was unusually loud. At first I thought it was someone practicing in the primary room. When we got back in the chapel I noticed it was David Archuleta! We became big fans of his last year as we watched him on American Idol. It really was quite a surprise to see him singing in our ward. A sister in our ward plays keyboards in his band and tours with him. He sang The Spirit of God. It was amazing!

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  1. Someone texted my daughter that they were in this meeting and that it was wonderful.

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