Family Vacation & Sickness

It has been a while since I have written! We had a fun time and a terrible time at Disneyland. It was fun because it was a vacation and it was Disneyland. It was terrible because we were all very sick. By the time we got home each night and got the kids to sleep I had no enery to write. I have been so sick since then that situation was the same.

Saturday I sent a text message to Toby. I explained that I had been to the doctor on Tuesday. I had a strep culture and it was negative so the doc told me to just keep taking ibuprofen and sudafed. I have been taking as much as safely possible and I continued to get worse each day. I asked him if I should go back to the doctor and get another strep culture. He said no and just called in a prescription for antibiotics. He said if I don’t start to feel better within 48 hours to give him a call as it could be something else such as mono. Last night as I went to bed I started to feel like I was getting better for the first time all week.

Today I felt better but not 100%. I stayed home from church with the kids. I felt well enough to clean the house. I’m planning on going back to work in the morning. It’s been a while… like 11 or 12 days! I wonder if they will remember me.

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  1. Wow! Sorry to hear you’ve been so sick, Dustin. That’s no fun over Christmas… even at Disneyland. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better and hope you’ll be 100% soon.

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