Posts made in October, 2008

First House Showing

We got a call today letting us know someone wants to see our house. That is great news. I figure if we can just get a few people to come in a look at our house I’m pretty confident they will like it and will be able to sell it fast. They are coming tomorrow at 1:00. Hopefull all will go well.

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Working 4×4 Truck

Today Bryan needed to borrow my truck. I was about to go play Ultimate frisbee, so we exchanged cars. He need to get some fence supplies from the Home Depot. I’m glad I have a truck. That was a big part of the reason I wanted a truck. I knew how often I wished that I had one where there was work to be done and projects to be completed. I thought it would be nice to load out to people who might need to borrow it as well. Such was the case...

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Jazz Season Opener Date Night

Cade (my brother-in-law) had tickets to tonights Jazz game, but he couldn’t go because of a work meeting. So he offered them to me. My mom agreed to baby sit on short notice so Rachel and I could go together. It was a fun date night. It was their season opener, so they had some cook fireworks inside the stadium before the game. And the Jazz won, so that is always a plus.

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Slept Through the Night

This morning I woke up surprised. None of our kids woke up in the middle of the night. I don’t remember how long it has been since that has happened. It seems that if on the off change neither Gehrig nor Nolan wake up. Gracie will be up. Certainly having all of the sleep through the night so that Rachel and I could also sleep through the night is a tender mercy indeed!

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Gramps’ Birthday

While we were making dinner after church we got a phone call from Carrie (Rachel’s grandma). Apparently Burt (Rachel’s Grandpa) wouldn’t eat his cake they got him until there were more people to share it with. It is his 75th birthday. So after dinner we went over there and had cake and ice-cream. Rachel’s parents and brother also came up. As we wrote in the gratitude journal tonight, Gehrig, Gracie, and Rachel all said...

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