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Money Lesson

For family home evening tonight we taught the kids a little bit about money. I printed out a bunch of little pictures representing different areas in which we spent money. I don’t know that the really "got it" but hopefully we can help them be a little more conscious about closing the door, turning off lights, shutting the fridge, etc. I think they came away with the idea that everything costs money.

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Father’s Day

Today was father’s day. The kids were all so excited to give me their cards they picked out at the store. Each of them had music that played when you opened them. After I opened them, they all wanted their cards back :). I didn’thave church meetings until 10:00 so it was nice to sleep in and spend some time with my family in the morning.

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Big Release Saturday

It has been a busy week at work. We are preparing for a BIG release at work this Saturday. It becomes a really big deal in an MLM. They have ordered lunch for us every day this week. I’m looking forward to having it over though as I’ve had lower back pain and RSI in my wrists. That’s what happens when I work too hard and don’t eat well and drink enough water. In any case it should be exciting to see how things go on Saturd

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Word of Wisdom Lesson

Tonight we had a family home evening lesson about the word of wisdom. We also talked about treating our bodies as temples and not getting tatoos. We’ve been concerned about everyone in Rachel’s family that has tatoos. We didn’t want out kids to grow up thinking that was normal behavior.

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10th Anniversary Weekend

Rachel and I had a very relaxing weekend together. Friday morning we slept in a bit. I mowed the lawn while Rachel got ready. We went to a movie at noon, then ate lunch a new Italian restaurant in Orem. We then drove to Midway and checked in at Inn On The Creek. It was so beautiful there. When we pulled in there was even a fawn right in front of use eating grass. It was like something out of a movie. We drove around a bit until our appointment...

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June 2010