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Memorial Day 2010

It was memorial day today so I had the day off again. After finishing mowing the lawn this morning, we went to the park to play. We took a bucket of baseballs and let the kids hit. We also brought their bikes so they could practice riding. I finally got Gracie going by taking her on the grass to practice. I let her fall a few times to show her that it didn’t hurt to land on the grass. After that she really started picking it up. We then...

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Blessing the Sacrament

I blessed the sacrament today. It has been a long time since I have done that. The youth were all helping at the developmental center today, so the Melchizedek Priesthood andministered the sacrement. I actually volunteered to bless the bread. The rest of the famly was home sick so I thought it would be a nice opportunity. It certainly brought back a lot of good memberies of being a priest and blessing the sacrament each week.

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Hill Air Force Base Museum

We drove up to Hill Air Force base to look at the museum there. It was pretty cool. It was hard to make the decision to get there, but I’m so glad we did. I couldn’t believe how excited the kids were to see all those planes. We’ll remember that far longer than we will remember staying home doing housework, watching movies, or playing video games.

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School’s Out for the Summer

Today was my day off. I still got up early to work. My computer was broken though I finally got it turned on and got a little work done. It was Gracie’s last day of school so I took her to the bus stop for her last day. After doing some house and yard work I went and played ultimate frisbee with the group in American Fork. It was fun playing with them again. I always seem to work harder when I play with them. I sore now! Rachel went out...

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Just a Nice Day

Today was a perfect weather day for Ultimate Frisbee – overcast and zero wind. It has been a while since I played so it was nice to get out there and play. After coaching Gehrig’s t-ball game, we went to In & Out. I’ve heard a lot of people rave about it. It was good, but totally over-rated. When we got home we watched G.I. Joe with the kids. They were complaining when I started it, but they really got into it and enjoyed it

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