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Painting for Curb Appeal

After work today we had plans to paint our front door a dark gray. It is always best to use a spray gun for doors in my opinion. The sprayer I bought is great for large jobs, but overkill for small jobs like this. The other night when we helped the Bonhams sand and paint some tables I noticed he had a smaller sprayer that I thought would be perfect for the task so I called and asked if I could borrow it. Of course he said yes. They are such a...

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Mastermind Meeting

I had a mastermind mind meeting again today with my good friend Brandon. His business is going well which is always good to hear. It is fun to get together to share and get new ideas. It helps me focus on next steps and what may be the most important action items to work on. So far our mastermind consists of just the two of us and I’m fine with that. We may expand it in the future but frankly it didn’t even come up...

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Defending the Faith

Today I got engaged in some dialog on a forum regarding religion. It was basically a lot of Christians trying to convince me that I was not a Christian. I was basically trying to defend our faith. The Mormon Messages channel on YouTube was a great asset to send people to to explain well points that we believe. I enjoy defending the faith, but I don’t enjoy name calling and ignorant & hypocritical remarks. I think what I enjoy most is...

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Blessing Nolan

Rachel had a night out with friends so it was just me and the kids tonight. For the past month or so we have really struggled keeping Nolan in bed at nights. He is so wound up and will not fall asleep. Tonight I was using the "Super Nanny" technique of just sitting on the floor with my head bowed so he won’t get out of bed, but at the same time not giving him any attentions. I figured as long as I was in the position I might as...

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Family Night Service

We had a family home evening lesson on Patriarchal blessings tonight. It was basically drawn from random out of our bag, but it was nice to try to explain it to the kids. At 7:00 we went to the Bonham’s house with the bishopric and all our families to help sand and paint some tables. They are preparing for their daughter’s wedding on the 13th of August. I took my sanders and my paint sprayer. My sprayer made quick work of a couple...

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