Posts made in April, 2009

I Love Temple Workers

I went to the temple this morning. What I noticed most is the love that the temple workers showed to me. I only did five names for initiatories but I had 6 temple workers help me. I felt love and friendship from each of them, even though I had never met them previously.

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Playing with Nolan

This morning after Nolan woke up we wrestled around for a bit on our bed. I thought at the time that this was surely a tender mercy. I how long will Nolan, or any of my kids be this young and playful? Not long at all. Just playing and giggling with the kids is a once in an Eternity sort of thing I guess. In a way its kind of sad that as time goes on, we can never go back to this point. So I cherish this small insignificant moments where I can...

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Programming with Keith

I got up at 6:00 this morning and called my friend Keith. We started programming our budget project together. We arranged to program for an hour together ever Tuesday and Thursday at 6 AM. It will be fun to actually work with someone again. I’ve felt like a one man show for quite a while now. It seems everything I’ve been working on in the past year has been by myself.

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Gracie’s FHE Lesson

Gracie gave the lesson for family home evening tonight. She used the photo of God and Jesus Christ appearing to Joseph Smith and told the story. She enjoys giving the lessons which is fun to see.

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Old Friend From the Teenage Years

I went to church in my parents ward today – the ward I was in during high school. I was surprised when I ran into my old friend Brad. We served in leadership positions together in the priests quorum and we good friends in high school. He was always quite a big guy. I say I was surprised because his parents spoke in sacrament today because they are going on another mission. I was looking for him but didn’t see him. I took Nolan into...

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