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Family Night

Tonight we had a family home evening lesson about the window’s mite. I think it was a little confusing for the kids because they don’t understand math at all and I think that is helpful for that lesson. Anyway it is the thought that counts. Nolan was cute at dinner dinner time. As we bowed our heads to say the prayer he said “Heavenly Father”. So Rachel continued to try to help him through the rest of the prayer. He might have whispered...

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Home Teaching with Gehrig

I took Gehrig with me home teaching because my companion was heading out of town after church. I was surprised how excited he was. I have taken him a few times. He generally goes off and plays with the kids if we talk for too long. That was the case today. I must have been at the Hauser’s house for an hour and a half. I try to limit my visits to 1/2 hour but I find I enjoy visiting much more than that. I never thought I would be that way....

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Weekend in Roosevelt

We had a good weekend in Roosevelt with Family. Grandpa Brighton’s funeral was great. He was a such a great man. He lived a simple life, but he was always honest and had a lot of integrity. I don’t think anyone could say anything bad about that man. The kids had a great time in Roosevelt. I didn’t see much of Gracie. She was always outside – mostly playing with kittens. We couldn’t get Gehrig in the car when it was time to...

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Praying for Business Advice

I don’t normally blog this early in the day, but I just had a great experience that I wanted to record. Also, we are driving out to Roosevelt tonight for my grandpa’s viewing and funeral so it is more convenient to do it now anyway. This morning I called the lawyer that sent me a cease and desist letter from Finicity (makers of Mvelopes). He was very unfriendly and unhelpful. I’m sure that is his job though. The conversation...

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Finished Financial Peace University

Tonight after the kids went to bed, Rachel and I watched the last lesson of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course. It was the lesson on giving and tithing. I think it is my favorite lesson because that is the place I want to be most. I would love to have so much wealth that it would allow me to give much more. I have a feeling that some day I will be at that point.

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