Posts made in September, 2011

Softball Collision

I played softball with Cade last night. During a play as I was running to second as the other team was going for a double play, I veered right to avoid collision, just as I did, the short stop leaped out into me thinking I was going to slide or something. I’m pretty sure I took the worst of it. I was dazed as I was getting up. His chin hit my head and his knee or something got my quad just above the knee. I had blood all over my shirt from...

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FHE: Tell the Truth

When I got home from work today I went outside and played with Nolan and Brinley on the Zip line. We ended up playing for about an hour outside. It made for a late dinner. After dinner we had family home evening. I talked to the kids about telling the truth. I have caught them lying to me a lot lately so we just wanted to emphasize the importance of telling the truth and owning up to mistakes.

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Family Scripture Study

We read scriptures tonight. It has been a while and we have gotten out of the habit of it. Come to think of it I don’t know if we have even tried since moving in this house. I’m hoping we can get back in the habit because I really think it helps.

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100% Mac

Since buying a Mac for home use I’ve wanted to switch at work as well. Another employee quit about a month ago so there has been a Mac Pro sitting idle. I got permission to switch to using it. Today I got it all set up at my desk. It’s nice to have consistency again. A month ago I was using Windows 7 at home, Ubuntu at work, and Mac OS X on my laptop. Now it is all OS X.

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Only 3 Hours of Church

Bishop is out of town so I didn’t have any extra meetings today. It was nice sleeping in a little bit (I got to stay in bed until about 8:30 when Murphy finally forced me out of bed). The I got ready and went to church with the family. Unfortunately I lost my temper a few times tonight after church. I lost it with Gehrig when he kept talking back to Rachel and telling her no when she would ask him to do something. I later when and...

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